SilverLight was established in 1984 by David Marlow, to develop, manage and produce feature film and television projects, and to provide consultancy to producers and distributors.

David has over thirty years experience in media: film, television, music, theatre, publishing and interactive entertainment and has developed, produced and secured finance for a wide range of film and television projects.
In the early 80’s he began working within the Virgin Group of companies, first as a publicist marketing major international acts at Virgin Records then on chairman Richard Branson’s personal staff as executive assistant. He recommended and pursued the launch of Virgin Films and Video as a distribution company. As founding managing director he went on to acquire and distribute a range of edgy and innovative films.
In 1984 David established his own production company, originally with funding from Virgin. That company, now called Silver Light Productions Ltd, is still active developing and producing feature film and television projects and providing consultancy to other producers and distributors.